Coping with grief and loss


There are certain events in life that have no positives, no matter what angle you view them through. The post is specifically about losing a loved one who left the world a bit too early.

In the hustle and bustle of life, it is events like these that get us thinking: what are we exactly doing here? The existential type of questions that are otherwise ignored.

You cannot tell a person to stop being sad or to move on with their life because honestly, this process is different for everyone, including it’s timelines.

First, you deal with the fact that they are gone. That all the mega plans you had made with them will never come to life.

Once you get across this, next is getting used to living without them. In this phase it’s the little things that remind you of them.

In my opinion, one thing that really helps to cope is realizing that we are all here for a finite time period. Based on this fact I also fear that I’ll spend my entire time keeping my head done in my 9-5 only to realize one day that my time is up.

While this puts me at caution, it also motivates me to work towards the things that really matter to me. To not procrastinate. I’d like to pass on the same advice, do what you truly believe in, follow your gut- it somehow already knows what you want. And live a life that you’ll always be proud of!


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