Face the facts


I’ve been reading this book these days, “The power of positive thinking” and in a chapter which states how to create your own happiness there is a point which says the first step is to face the facts.

This particular point hit me as it got me thinking about facts related to me that I had been ignoring for the longest of time. Let me put them all out here:

1- Life won’t be a straight line, never. So always be ready for turbulence.

2- To achieve what I have set my mind to, I will have to work two times harder than any other individual. And that’s okay.

3- Good things take time. Stop rushing and go with the flow.

4- The state I am in today is a 100 times better than the state I was in 6 months back.

5- I am getting better. Every moment. Every second. I’ll get there.

6- To achieve meaningful things I will have to make solid commitments and stick to them.

Until and unless you face YOUR facts, you cannot move on to the second step. I won’t be posting the second step here otherwise what would be the point of you all reading the book? ?

Go ahead, grab a copy, it is by author Norman Vincent Peale.


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