Instagram Highlights – Launch With 1st Post


Instagram Highlights- You read that right, for my readers who have Instagram accounts, now you will have many reasons to live for on Instagram as well! You can give me a follow here: Reasons to live for Instagram Account

Username: reasonstolivefor.insta

Instagram Highlights

For the ones visiting for the first time, you can find an introduction to my blog here: What is this blog all about

What started as an outlet to vent out is now an avenue for others to feel good about themselves and know that they are not alone. The thought to make an account on Instagram came to my mind a couple of times but self doubt got the best of me every time.

This goes to prove one thing that I consistently talk about as well- if you have a good feeling about something, just go ahead and do it. Your heart somehow already knows so follow your gut and dive in, beautiful things will follow. I am taking this time to re-evaluate everything including my past and future choices. I love to read and write, it gives me and escape. It makes me believe there is still hope.

Also, I love to help others out. I feel on top of the world when one of my readers gets in touch and tells me that post helped them. When they tell me that they could relate to what I felt in the moment. It in turn motivates me to keep writing. If we have the option of being anything in this world, we should always be kind.

Some of you who are blog owners must be thinking if you should make an account on Instagram or not. So I will go ahead and try to simplify it for you. See the things is Instagram is too big to ignore which is why I wrote an entire article on Instagram Highlights.

The Basics

You can start with downloading the app here: and then either create a new account or sign in with Facebook. Then fill your biography, add a display picture and a link to your blog.

Instagram Highlights

Voila! You are ready to post. Make your accounts and post the link in comments, I will give you all a follow!

A solid tip is to never publish an entire post on Instagram. Otherwise, what would be the point of your advice coming over to your blog? They need a reason to head over here so always mention in your posts that they can read the entire article on your blog.

I would like to end my post with a disclaimer: Although Instagram is a nice tool to extend your reach, please use it in a positive way. What happens is that after some time when you learn about easy tips and tricks to gain a following, your entire focus shifts towards numbers rather than quality of content. This actually defeats the purpose of your blog so always remember not to get carried away.

In addition to this, always remember that there might be someone out there who is looking forward to your posts. So always post stuff that helps others in a positive way. Now for the ones who are already using Instagram, I would love to learn more from you all. I am a great learner, I love to start from scratch and then deep dive into minor details. Any articles, videos and even books are welcome for suggestion. These are tough times, lets spend them in helping one another. My prayers go out to all of you, like I always say: “May we all win!”

That is all for Instagram Highlights. Once again, here is the link to my account: Reasons to live for Instagram Account


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  • Wow, you can scan a name now? This is new, as I didn’t know such a thing existed. Even though I haven’t been on IG in a very long time, I do plan on returning one day. Good luck on growing your IG account! I am curious to see what photos you end up sharing on your IG account. ?

      • Yesterday I contemplated opening Instagram again and privatizing my account. When I was using it, it was public, which was problematic for various reasons. I don’t know is switching to a private account would really change anything for the better though, since I relied on the hashtags which would no longer be valid.

        Trust me, I spent a lot of time yesterday in the shower contemplating whether or not I should return to Instagram. At the end of the day, I still cannot bring myself to use it yet. I am not mentally stable enough to handle emotionally triggering things. My mental health is still fragile….

        • Switching to private is a great option. Personally, I do it for myself so external comments don’t really bother me. But it’s taking a toll on you then put it on hold for a wild I guess

          • I used to use FB albums because I prefer to organize albums rather than individual photos. Then I used Flickr for albums until they started charging for their service. My biggest problem with IG is not being able to organize photos which is why I feel like an IG account would fare better publicly as your brand. Then again, my blog is there in the description if ppl want to look me up. Yes, IG is emotionally triggering for me. I havenโ€™t written about this particular topic in my blog but I have occasionally hinted at it. Also, I have unfollowed certain bloggers who trigger me for the time being.

            Do I feel disconnected from the world without social media? Absolutely. Do I have photos to sort through and upload? You bet. Do I need to start creating more and consuming less? Yup.?โ€?