Self Therapy Session 13


Hello everyone, time for another session of Self Therapy. Reviewing the past week has been a mix of good and bad. Which is nothing abnormal, that’s how it should be.

I would start with work because this has been the main highlight. I have been moved to another department. Lately I have been having a lot of arguments at work. There is a lot of overtime that is not justified. The pay is not transparent and this just demotivates you on the whole. However I have decided I will not quit. I cannot quit on everything. I have to keep going no matter how tough it gets, until I have something to move on to.

Next comes mental health, things have been sorted in this department. Thanks to good sleep and workout. If this balance keeps up, the days are better.

Physical health is going good, except the tummy growing a bit ?

I think that is ok, given the 9 hour job is to sit at a desk and work.

What I look forward in the coming week is for things to get sorted at work. I want to enjoy work and be happy or atleast content when I am at work.

Last let’s talk about my dream. I am now 120 days away from fulfilling it. I will need your prayers to do this. I an very hopeful and excited.

That is all from my side, do leave updates about your week in comments ?


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