Self Therapy- Session 3


As part of my ritual for every Wednesday, this is Session 3 for self reflection where I eveluate how my week went. It is where I highlight major events of the week so here we go.

If you want to quickly go over the first 2 sessions, follow the links below:

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1- Training for new job started

I had many questions relating to this: what will the place be like? How will the people be like? Will I like it there? Will I get along with others?

To my surprise, everything was better than my expectations. Like I always say, it is worse in your head. So whenever you are doubting something, the best way to find out is to go ahead and do it.

2- My Therapist told me I look better

She has noticed a change in just 3 weeks. I give a lot of credit for it to my blog ?

3- My blog is doing wonders!

It has been an amazing week for my blog. In fact beyond amazing. I got around 200 views in a day (highest ever). Surpassed 100 followers and got 80 likes in a day (highest ever). Overtime people have understood what my blog is all about. So I can proudly say it is well established in their minds now.

4- I started going to the gym!

WAIT, WHAT? Exactly this was my reaction. I finally mustered the courage to start working out again. Basically these are the days where when you start working out again, the body aches a lot in an attempt to adjust. All in all it’s a great feeling which I plan to continue.

5- I am reading 20 pages of a book everyday

You all must be like dude how are you managing all this at once? Exactly what I’m asking myself. Like I have previously mentioned I have truly bought in the idea of changing my mindset to change my life. If you get a chance to go through my previous posts you’ll understand this has not been easy. Still isn’t. However I am doing whatever I can in my capacity to fight back!

That is pretty much it. I am so blessed to acknowledge that each week is better than my previous one. I hope the trend goes on because I’m loving it! ? See you next Wednesday!


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