Self Therapy Session 9


Hello everyone and welcome to another session of Self Therapy. This post usually goes live on Thursday and it is where I do a self reflection of my week.

For a quick view on last week’s session click here:

So let’s start off with my job which in my opinion is the most important thing that needs an update. I have been kicking ass at work left, right and center and I mean it ? Everything is going smooth, I have been ranked among the top performers just in the first week after training. Hoping to keep up with the same pace this week.

Next comes mental health, one of my main areas of interest. So I managed to go out with a friend on his birthday and then went out for dinner again last night. Tonight I will be going out for a movie (John Wick Chapter 3). So things are going smooth in the mental health department. My sleep has improved significantly. I have been getting proper 8 hours on sleep on average. I have not gotten such good sleep in 4 years so you can imagine how good it feels. However this is with medication. One day I hope to have such good sleep WITHOUT medication.

Next comes my love life which is shaky as of now. There have been some faults on my end which I seek to improve and I do believe that my love will overpower any obstacles that come in between.

Phsycically I have been focusing on just maintaining this month due to intermittent fasting. However next month onwards I am going to indulge in a strict workout schedule. I hope to make significant progress from it.

All in all it has been a really good week. I was not able to give as much time to my blog but I do make it a point to make a post about anything that seems relevant to me. With that I will be signing off, see you next week on another session of Self Therapy.

In the meanwhile do update me about highlights of your week in comments ?


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